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Endless war, based on lies...TORTURE, legalized.Hurricane Katrina, forgotten.

Spread the Orange Wave: Where to find materials

- Buy Declare it Now! organizing kits HERE.

- Buy "Drive Out the Bush Regime" Orange Bandanas HERE.

- Buy Orange in Bulk! Find Orange Wristbands, Wholesale Orange Bandanas, Orange Ribbon, Orange Utility Tape HERE.

Recent Declare it Now Videos

The Declare it Now Campaign, seeks to make visible the sentiment to Drive out the Bush Regime by Wearing ORANGE! Read more here.

This campaign was launched by The World Can't Wait-Drive Out the Bush Regime!

Read our Call to Drive out the Bush Regime and add your name to the list of those calling for an end to the crimes being committed in their names!

July 27th marked the National Launch of Declare It Now: Wear Orange!

Every Friday people all over the country will be gathering on Orange Fridays to make the Demand That the Bush Regime Step Down, and that they be IMPEACHED and repudiated for their Tyranny and War Crimes.  

We want to hear about your experiences taking out orange during the week and about any Orange Friday events you've organized or participated in. Email us.

Reports from recent Declare it Now! events found: HERE.

Declare it Now! in the News

- The Villager reports Cindy Sheehan is urging people to wear orange:

Two days after announcing she will run against Nancy Pelosi because the House speaker won't impeach President Bush, Cindy Sheehan was in Union Square to help kick off a new “wear orange” campaign to protest the Iraq war. Read More.


"Impeachment is not a fringe movement, it is mandated in our Constitution. Nancy Pelosi had no authority to take it off the table," Sheehan told her group of orange-clad activists before they began their march from the national cemetery. Read More.

- David Swanson of in The American Chronicle:

"Asking, “Do you want to see the Bush regime impeached and driven from office? Do you want the war in Iraq ended?” a new campaign challenges people to “Declare It Now! Wear Orange."Proponents of removing Bush and Cheney from office are wearing bright orange shirts, bandanas, ribbons and buttons, wrapping trees and cars in orange tape, and holding bright orange signs..." Read More.

- Protesters wear Orange to support a City Council resolution in Oregon calling for Bush and Cheney's Impeachment, on charges they " intentionally misleading the nation into a bloody, protracted war" KTV Coverage Here.

- Bakersfield California reports on July 27th Declare it Now Orange Friday protest: Demonstrators wear orange in protest of President Bush

- Declare it Now makes news in Murdock, Florida Sun Herald article

- Daily Kos Diary features Declare it Now in a post called "My Son is in Iraq/The Country is Ready for Impeachment"

- Next Left Notes covers NYC's Union Square July 27th Declare it Now Event.

- More Orange Sightings! The Daily Texan reports:

" The activists left wearing orange ribbons, which they said symbolize the growing discontent among Americans about the war and the administration. The speakers encouraged citizens to send handwritten letters to state lawmakers and insist on support for impeachment." Read More.


Express it like this:


The Words and Sentiment behind the Orange: articles, letters, and statements from the movement

The Declare It Now Campaign - Wear Orange Against the Bush Regime - By Dr. Dennis Loo

Associate Professor, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, co-editor of Impeach the President: the Case Against Bush and Cheney and member of the World Can't Wait – Drive Out the Bush Regime National Steering Committee

Why the Democrats are Acting this Way by Dr. Dennis Loo - 7/31/07


Declare it Now: Upcoming Events

Orange needs to go viral by Labor Day-- especially on Orange Fridays -- when orange goes to work and on the trains and on the streets in a mass way, and where gatherings of people wearing Orange leafleting, doing street theater, holding up posters of the Bush regime's crimes swell in size in a regular place each week.

People should help expand this by bringing more friends each week, and asking everyone to do the same. Upcoming Events listed here.



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