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Declare it now: friday events!

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1) Reaching Youth via Major Rock Concerts : WCW is producing tens of thousands more orange bandanas saying "Drive Out the Bush Regime" for use at Rock the Bells , The Warped Tour , and other large music concerts, building on the successful model of Coachella last Spring. We'll distribute new buttons, shirts, and BCC DVD's aiming for organization on the Campuses in coming weeks.

2) Gaining ground in Newspapers, Internet, and Radio: Leading into July 27th, we will do INTERNET ADS on the most viewed progressive websites, We've begun putting up PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS with people saying why they are Declaring It Now. And in Mid-August, we plan to run an ad, or a series of "banner" ads with Declare It Now posters, reaching millions of people.

And in Mid-September, as Bush addresses the United Nations on September 19th, we'll do another FULL PAGE Ad in the New York Times.

3) Truth Squads: Challenging the Candidates:
Orange needs to be brandished by “Truth Squads” of people confronting the candidates about torture, war crimes, and the fascist re-making of this society. Postcards with ready-made questions will be distributed so that everyone can be ready.

(possible Labor Day conference)

(protests when Bush comes to UN on September 19; DC protests Sept 11, 15, 22 and 29)


August Events for Chicago Announced!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Today: Join us at Lollapalooza
Monday: World Can't Wait - Chicago meeting
Tuesday, Chicago: Protest at Soldier Field Democratic Candidates Debate
Tuesday, Arlington Heights: Peter Phillips on Impeachment and Democracy
Friday: Orange Outrage Friday at Jackson & State
Saturday, Chicago: Bud Billiken Parade
Saturday, JoDavies County: Protest at the gates of Blackwater training facility

Today: WCW at Lollapalooza

Hook up with the youth crew Sunday at 2 pm and 6 pm at the northeast corner of Congress and Jackson. We''ve been doing outreach to the people going to Lollapalooza since Friday, selling T-shirts (photo right), orange bandanas, getting the word out to thousands to Declare It Now! Don't miss the fun on Sunday. If you have tickets, you can be part of a team giving kits to bands and taking in orange bandanas. Let's paint the town orange !

We will not sit by while our future is corrupted!

Make this the generation that Drives Out the Bush Regime!

Monday: World Can't Wait - Chicago meeting

Bring your ideas and energy:

Mondays, 7 pm
ACME Art Works
1741 N. Western Avenue Chicago

Tuesday: Protest at Soldier Field Democratic Candidates Debate

The Democratic presidential candidates debate who will be best at bombing Pakistan or Iran while supposedly standing against the war. The protest begins at 4 pm, the debate itself at 6 pm. Join us at the IMPEACH FOR WAR CRIMES banner in front of Soldier Field. Tuesday: Lecture by Prof. Peter Phillips
Impeachment and Democracy
Ending the War and Restoring Civil Liberties
Tuesday, August 7, 7 PM
Arlington Heights Public Library
Hendrickson Room, 2nd Floor
500 N. Dunton Avenue
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Is impeachment really too divisive for Congress to tackle? Isn't it just a political diversion from the real work that needs to be done? Or is impeachment an essential constitutional remedy whose time has come? What damage can be done before January 2009, and what happens if this administration is not held accountable? Peter Phillips will address the question of impeachment and the role that only we the people can play in reversing the disastrous course of this regime.

Peter Phillips is professor of sociology at Sonoma State University and director of Project Censored. He is the co-editor with Dennis Loo of Impeach the President: The Case Against Bush and Cheney . Dr. Phillips' book Censored: Media Democracy in Action is now in its tenth edition. Both are published by Seven Stories Press.

This event is sponsored by Citizens for Transparency in Government and the Chicago Chapter of World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime.

Orange Outrage Friday

Join us at Jackson & State 4:30 - 6:00. Wear orange. Read more about Declare it Now! and Orange Fridays all over the country.

Saturday: Bud Billiken Day parade

Join us at the 78th Annual Bud Billiken Parade . It's the largest parade in an African-American community in the U.S. Last year, 74,000 people participated in the parade, over a million lined the parade route on Chicago's south side. Contact chicago@worldcantwait.org to join the WCW crew marching in the peace contingent and taking the Declare It Now! Drive Out the Bush Regime message to the southside.

Saturday: Protest at Blackwater in Illinois

Protest at the gates of the Blackwater Corporation's new training facility in JoDavies County, near Galena, Illinois. Blackwater Corporation employs private armies throughout the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan and in the aftermath of Katrina. Investigative reporter and author Jeremy Scahill describes Blackwater as "a politically connected private army” that “has in effect declared its forces above the law" and has won nearly $1 billion in noncovert government contracts, many of them no-bid arrangements. Information about the protest and how to get there: www.noprivatearmies.org and www.ilcpj.org

Click on the PayPal button below to purchase four orange World Can't Wait bandanas for you and three friends to declare it now ($15). Your time has come to make a statement reverberating every place you go and with every person you meet. Your time has come to be the symbol of a conscience that will not back down and will not go away.

Let's Declare It Now! in Chicago and everywhere!

One orange bandana is $5 (postage paid). Click the PayPal button below for one bandana. A single person stepping forward can make a huge difference. Then picture hundreds...turning to thousands...then millions, refusing to turn their heads, to sell their souls, to accept endless war in a world without hope.

Wear orange. Put orange everywhere. Those who have been clad in orange, tortured, and detained without recourse will not be alone.

Chicago June 21 Impeach Town Meeting Online

You can watch the Chicago June 21st impeachment event featuring David Swanson, John Nichols, Larry Everest and Elaine Brower on line:

Part 1
Part 2

or go to Google Video and search for "World Can't Wait Impeachment."

Read and sign the Call to Drive Out the Bush Regime , the founding statement and basis of unity of The World Can't Wait! This is a concise explanation of the mission: To repudiate the program of the Bush begime by driving them from power to reverse the entire direction they are taking this society.

Chicago World Can't Wait


Meets at ACME Art Works Mondays at 7 pm
1741 N. Western, Chicago

Local chapters

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Wednesday, August 1st 2007   Oregon

The Bend City council will vote on a resolution to recommend impeaching Bush & Cheney. Be there and show your support for impeachment.  Wear orange.  Orange bandanas and ribbons will be available to wear. Show up 6:15   Council Meeting starts at 7pm. City Hall 710 N.W. Wall Street , Bend, Oregon 97701 Calvin Mann P.O. Box 6569 Bend, OR 97708 calvin@revoltusa.com 541-390-7727